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Man vs Wilfully Ignorant Netizens

Well this is Embarrassing!

Assuming there is anyone out there reading this wonderful blog, I imagine you have probably been scratching your head wondering what happened to my weekly updates.

Well, as it turns out, previewing a post a submitting it to the blog are in fact two very different things.

Imagine that!

So anyways, as luck would have it, I attempted to visit my blog without logging into my account tonight and noticed my mistake and have gone ahead and made sure the posts made it to the site. So to you poor souls who subjugate yourselves to my posts, I reward you with a once in a lifetime double post! With Monday’s post to top it all off!

For those keeping count, that’s three whole posts chalked full of bloggy goodness!

So, now that everyone is aware of my sub par blogging skills, I think its about time we get to the posting

So, putting aside the irony that I originally wrote this post a couple weeks ago for the express purpose of discussing the widespread ineptitude of netizenz the world over only to post it incorrectly myself, I’m going to go ahead and post this thing anyways.

I want to use this post to discuss an issue I’ve been noticing a lot lately, and personally find very alarming, and unless the title of today’s post didn’t give it away, it is the willful ignorance that appears to be running rampant on the net these days.

Now your probably thinking, willful ignorance? What the hell is ManvsInternet talking about, I mean, the only reason I subject myself to this stupid blog in the first place is to learn about all things internet.

But don’t worry, since your probably not part of the problem.

No, this blog is about the hoards of self-respecting people too busy to litter their search history with my pathetic attempt at a blog. In fact, thee hoards of people are probably too busy to use the internet for anything really, except of course checking Facebook and twitter.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m talking about people that actively try to avoid the internet and limit their interaction with it through mediums so sterile and rigid one could easily forget they are surfing the greatest and most versatile invention the world has ever seen.

You know, the kind of people that Google, because they never bothered to learn what the address bar in their browser is for.

Now traditionally, these kinds of people were probably your grandparents, and to a lesser extent, you parents. But they get a free pass, because hell, computers, much less the internet didn’t even exist when they were your age. However, I have been noticing to an ever increasing extent the number of technologically illiterate young people infecting the internet everywhere. Which of course scares me in that young people should be the ones intent on learning all the ins and outs of this Brave New World. Kind of like parents how young people in the 60’s new everything about their cars, except now it is somehow bad to know things about the medium we chose to spend most of our time socializing in.

I realize this post has turned into more of a rant than my previous two, but I feel that this is an issue that  needs to be addressed, and dealt with by all netizens interested in keeping the internet from turning into a mindless circlejerk.

So if you want to do something to fight against this kind of thing, I would suggest you share your knowledge with others in a way that encourages them to learn instead of being overcome by the learning curves involved in the process.

So please, do the internet a favor and help teach people to enjoy learning about it instead of diluting it.


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